About Us

Meetings, incentives, conferences, conventions, weddings, and more…

At Bahamas Bus Charter Services, we are intimately involved with the provision of every service to deliver you a destination experience of superlative quality. Each recommendation we make is founded upon thorough dialogue and communication to ensure that every detail matches your needs and requirements.

Whatever your style, budget, preferences and objectives, Bahamas Bus Charter Services has the tools and connections to deliver. Transfers in a limousine or a horse-drawn carriage? Accommodations in a luxurious international chain hotel or a quaint boutique?  Rest assured, every detail from the décor of your dinner venue to the color of the flowers will be to your requirements.

Our extensive range of services includes, but is by no means limited to:

  • Accommodation: We know what’s new, we know what isn’t, and our established relationships often allow us preferential rates.
  • Touring, Activities & Corporate Events: Our commitment to innovation means we are constantly researching and developing ideas to ensure your event is unique and spectacular. Our team-building events offer exactly the environment to help your group bond.
  • Venues: Our excellent contacts allow us access to singularly wonderful locations with catering and entertainment of superlative quality.
  • Transfers: Our transfer options suit absolutely any taste and can include limos, Rolls-Royces, mini-buses, touring coaches or even horse-drawn carriages and vintage vehicles.
  • On-Site Management: Highly qualified management teams make sure your event is effective and meticulously organized. Every detail is planned to deliver the ideal experience.
  • Local Staff & Guides: Our multi-lingual teams are experienced in serving international clients and possess the savoir-faire to provide personal, professional support for every program.
  • Accounting: Bahamas Bus Charter Services provides pre and post reconciliation of your program costs to ensure accurate and comprehensive financial management.

Diary Pressure

Diary pressure often triggers short notice plan change, common occurrences for busy folk and those responsible for juggling the schedule.  To ease the stress, we position ourselves as a versatile operator, with flexibility to react to changing circumstances.  Uncompromisingly, high standards set us apart and our aim is to safely get you where you need to be, on time, with minimum fuss and zero intrusion.

Work on the move or sit and relax, our comprehensive fleet caters for all needs and across every level of your organization.  Standard car short hops across town or mobile conferencing in a luxury vehicle, we will deliver the professional service you demand.